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What is Jollyfy?

Jollyfy is a video recording and sharing application that allows you to add themes or overlays on your mobile videos as you are recording them. You can make a theme for any occasion or event and can share your themes for your friends to use.

Will Jollyfy work on my device?

Jollyfy currently works on the following devices: iPhone4; iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad2, iPad3, iPod Touch (4th generation).

Jollyfy works on iOS 5 and up

Why use Jollyfy?

Jollyfy gives you endless ways to personalize videos. Anyone can record and share video from their cell phone and upload it somewhere, but all these videos are just that, quick video clips with no context or theme. With Jollyfy, you can customize and personalize your video in an instant and be ready to share a truly unique video. You are only limited by your imagination.

Jollyfy is fun and useful. The great thing about Jollyfy themes is that they are easy to use and easy to make. So, if you are feeling goofy and want to make yourself and friends laugh, try the UFO or Flying Dragon theme. If you have some happy news to share with friends, try the Breaking News theme. If you want to make a theme for your friend's birthday, you can do that. If you want to create a theme to layer every video you make with your name, face or brand, you can do that. If you want to make a theme to share with others and start a video conversation about something important happening in the world, you can do that too.

Jollyfy allows you to theme and group videos with friends and family. One of the coolest things about Jollyfy is that you can share themes. For instance, if you and your friends are throwing a party, then you can create a theme for your party and share it. All of your friends who have Jollyfy can download the theme and record their own videos using that party theme. Also see the "Follow" section below for more information.

Jollyfy is efficient and multi-threaded. Okay, apologies for getting technical but it's important to know that once you record and begin uploading a video, you can immediately begin taking more videos with the app or surf the web or take a call. Your Jollyfy videos will continue to be processed in the background while the application is running. If you switch to another application, no problem -- the upload and processing will automatically restart once you open Jollyfy again. Once a video is uploaded and processed, you will see a notification that it is ready for viewing and sharing.

How do I use Jollyfy?

Start by downloading the Jollyfy app from the iTunes App Store and registering for an account.

Click on a theme you like in My Themes. The theme will display right in your camera viewfinder so that when you click Record, you can see exactly how the video will look with the theme.

Preview the video you just recorded and click "Use" to upload your video.

Share your video with friends via Facebook, email or the Jollyfy community.

What happens when I tap on "Use" after I record a video?

When you tap on Use, your video begins uploading to the Jollyfy server where the video you recorded and the theme you used are seamlessly joined together. While the video is uploading, you can record and upload more videos, make themes or just browse around. The progress bar will change to "Processing" once your video has been uploaded. At this point, you can leave the app or even turn off your phone. When you return to the app, you will see a notification that your video has been processed and ready for viewing and/or sharing.

How long can my Jollyfy videos be?

Record video up to 2 minutes. With this version of Jollyfy, you can record up to 2 minutes of video, and record as many videos as you like. You will soon have the option to upgrade a premium version with longer recording times.

Do I need a data/internet connection for Jollyfy to work?

You can select themes that are already downloaded on your app and record videos while offline. However, your device must be online for your videos to be uploaded, processed and made ready to share. If you are offline and record videos, your videos will go into a queue and will automatically begin uploading to our servers for processing once you are back online.

Features such as creating themes, browsing and searching for video clips and themes shared by others require an internet connection.

Check out the Jollyfy YouTube channel...
Check out the Jollyfy YouTube channel for how-to and sample videos.


Where do I find my Jollyfy videos?

Video creation takes place in 2 parts: First, you select a video theme and record the video on your phone. Then your video is uploaded, processed and stored on our servers in the cloud. This means you can take and share as many videos as you want without using up a lot of processing or storage space on your device.

Is my video streaming?

Yes, your videos are streamed from our server.

Can I delete my videos?

Yes, once you have created a video you will have the option to delete. This option will remove it from your device.

Who can view my videos?

You choose who can view your videos. Once you've recorded a Jollyfy video, you can choose to share it with your friends via Facebook, by email with just specific individuals, or with the Jollyfy community.

How do I share my videos?

When viewing a video, you will see a share button next to its thumbnail. Tap this button and it will expand and show you options for sharing that video.

You currently have the option to share your videos via Facebook, email, or with the Jollyfy community. Support for sharing via other social networks will be coming in future releases.

If sharing on Facebook, you will be asked to provide your login information. We will not use this information for any reason other than to enable you to share your content on Facebook.

When you select "Share on Jollyfy" the video is posted to the community and is viewable by other Jollyfy users.

Note: The Jollyfy team regularly reviews videos submitted to the Jollyfy community and may choose to feature or un-share any videos submitted to the community in the app or on the Jollyfy website.

Can I rate or comment on videos?

These features will be coming in a future release.


Can I preview and download more themes?

Yes and the best part is it's free! Simply tap on the Get Themes button in the application and then on the Featured or Recent tabs at the top to browse and preview new themes. Tap on the Search tab to search for themes by keyword, e.g. Birthday. If you like a theme, click download and it will appear in My Themes.

Remember, you can also share any of your own themes with the community. See below for more details.

Can I make my own themes?

Yes. There are two different ways to make themes. The first way is to use the simple theme maker in the app: If you can record a video and type text, you can make a theme!

The second way is to use photo, video, animation and 3D software applications like Photoshop, Anime Studio, Adobe After Effects, Blender to make themes and then upload them to your account on the Jollyfy website. Once you upload them, those themes will then be available for you to download and use in the app. This way requires some knowledge of the above types of software applications. Check out our tutorials page to learn more.

How do I use the in-app theme maker?

To make a new theme inside the app, just click the Get Themes button and then click on the New tab at the top. Click the Create button in that tab and walk through the simple steps to make your theme - zero expertise required! You can make a theme in either landscape or portrait orientation.

How do I use an image/video editing software of my choice to make a theme?

Users comfortable using tools that support transparencies like Photoshop or GIMP for photos, Apple Motion, Anime Studio and Adobe After Effects for animation and video, or Blender and Maya for 3D effects can create simple or sophisticated themes and then upload them to Jollyfy by going to the Create a theme page. More information on creating themes using popular software applications such as Photoshop and After Effects is available here. You will need to have a Jollyfy account to upload themes and use them in the Jollyfy app.

Can I share themes with my friends?

Yes, there are two ways to share themes you've made. You will see a Share button next to any theme which you've created. When you tap the Share button, you will see two options: "Invite your friends" or "Share on Jollyfy." Choose the Invite option to invite just the people you want to download and use your theme. This will automatically create an invite email that you can send to your friends to accept. Choose the Share on Jollyfy to make your theme available to anyone in the Jollyfy community. Note that we reserve the right to remove any shared themes we think are inappropriate or to feature shared themes we really like.

Following themes

I see a Follow button on videos when I click on Browse Videos and a Follow tab under My Videos. Who or what can I follow?

When you click the Follow button next to a video, you have the option of following all shared videos that were made using that same theme. Once you confirm that you wish to follow a specific theme, that theme now appears in the Following tab under My Videos. When you click on that theme, it will expand out to show you all recent videos made using that theme. Also, when you accept a friend's invitation to download and use a theme, that theme is automatically added to your Following tab.

Why would I want to follow a theme?

Following a theme can be quite useful: For instance, let's say you make a theme for a party and share it with friends. By following that theme, you can then see - in one place -- all the videos that you and friends made using that theme. Similarly, if you are interested in a specific theme that is focused on a certain topic, you can follow it to see all the videos made by people on that topic. So, following a theme basically creates a dynamic "album" of all the videos related to that theme.

I am a blogger and I made a theme for my video blogs. I want people to follow me but I don't want to share my personal theme for others to us. Can I do that?

Yes, absolutely. If you made a theme just for your personal use, don't share the theme. You can still share videos made with that theme and people who follow your theme will be able to see all videos you publish using that theme but will not be able to use your theme to make their own videos.

Can I follow other users?

The ability to follow other users will be coming soon.

More Stuff

What happens with inappropriate content? Can I report inappropriate content?

Our goal is to provide a vibrant and diverse user community that is comfortable sharing videos across a variety of topics and themes as well as fun and interesting themes that others can use. We respect your desire to express yourself and to be creative, and we ask that you be respectful of other users and the guidelines in our Terms of Service on what content is appropriate for creating and sharing using the service.

We want to make it quick and easy for users to share their content with others so the Jollyfy team does not review every video before it is submitted to the community. However, the team regularly reviews community videos and may, in their sole discretion, deem a video to be inappropriate for inclusion in the community and remove it. Removing it from the community will not, however, delete the video from the user's account. However, we also reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to delete any video that we think is in violation of the Terms of Service.

If you see a video that you feel is in violation of our Terms of Service, just click the flag button next to that video. This will send a notification to the Jollyfy team and we will review it and make a determination about its appropriateness.

Jollyfy isn't working on my phone. Help....?

Please send an email to support@jollyfy.com

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